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Location Location Location

Where will you be located? 

Do you have a location yet?

Your location will be key to me joining.

What do all of these lines have in common? Location. Location. Location!

Since embarking on this journey a little over a year ago, we have been fixated on picking the perfect location for Long Island Surf Park. We always knew that Suffolk County was the spot but when we started digging a little bit further we weren't sure which town was the right one. As we put more and more thought into purchasing property we began to realize a few things:

1. This is going to be the hardest and longest part of this entire project 2. We want to be in a town where the local officials are more than happy to have us


3. The more secluded our location the cooler the whole experience will be

Right now we are continuing to work closely with Town officials in Babylon, Brookhaven, and Islip in order to find a parcel that works for everyone. We have been in and out of meetings for the last 6+ months now and we are getting closer to finally purchasing a piece of property that will serve as the home of Long Island Surf Park. We apologize that this process has been taking much longer than expected but we know that in the end it will all be worth it! We are planning on making a big announcement regarding our location in the next few weeks!

Can't wait to see everyone catching perfect waves!

-Chris Portera

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