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Still Moving Full Steam Ahead!

After receiving site plan and special use permit approval back in June, 2019, we regrouped as a team and set our eyes on our next hurdle... Permit Approval. For the past 5 months we have been working tirelessly to prepare the appropriate documents for permit submission. At this point we are about 3/4 of the way done with that process and are hoping to have everything submitted soon!

With the submission of our permits will come a much clearer picture of our timeline and the inevitable opening day. We are just as eager as you all to announce our projected opening day but will not be doing so until we are confident in our timeline.

Partnership Announcement: Camber Surfboards

We are totally stoked to announce our partnership with Camber Surfboards. The team at Camber have developed some revolutionary boards with a special rail system that allows the board to naturally generate more speed and give you more power and control through turns. In our opinion they are the best boards on the market and we highly suggest you give them a try.

Learn more at www.cambersurfboards.com

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