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Where are you located?

We are conveniently located at 91 Precision Drive, Shirley, New York 11967. Our location is roughly 50 miles from both NYC and Montauk and is easily accesible via train, car, or air transportation.

How long are the sessions? How many waves will I get?

Sessions will last approximately 1 hour and will be booked individually on a first come first serve basis. Wave count will vary depending upon session type and will be between 10 and 20+ per surfer.

Do you have to be a member?

No! It's encouraged that you inquire about our memberships as there's much more than meets the eye. Our members will also benefit from enjoying all the perks of the park. For those that aren't interested in membership, we will have plenty of other options for enjoying out waves.

I've never surfed before, will you offer lessons and coaching?

Of course! We want everyone to experience Long Island Surf Park and in doing so we've brought pro surfer, Leif Engstrom, on board to oversee the surf school and surf coaching programs.

What's the deal with water quality/clarity?

We're not cutting any corners here. Our pool will be protected using a state of the art chlorination system accompanied with UV technology to ensure our water is clean and sanitary. The surf pool will be crystal clear exceeding all health and safety regulations providing a safe environment for all.

Is the park open year round?

Yes the park is open year round! We have invested in an ecofriendly way to heat the pool in the winter with projected water temps as high as the mid 60s in the dead of winter. The design of the pool and park will also cut down on almost all chances of negative wind conditions within the park. We are projecting minimal rubber during the winter months and an extended board short season.

Why isn't it indoor?

We believe surfing is deeply tied to nature and the outdoors. Surf Park, by nature, aren't natural so we felt it was important to keep our surfers as connected to nature as possible. As a result we choose not to enclose the park. Doing so would have negatively affected the environment and increased the gap between our customers and nature even more. Instead, we have taken the necessary design steps to heat our surf pool year round improving the overall surfing experience for all.

What about the waves? Tell us about the waves!

Okay! Our surf pool will be the first of its kind in the world! It has been specifically designed for the Long Island Surf Park and will produce a variety of waves. Our waves will range in size from knee high to over head with some peaks projected to be over 7ft! Left and right breaking waves will be on tap with the possibility for A-Frames as well. Surfers can expect rides of as long as 100 yard or roughly 15 seconds. We'll be able to produce almost an endless variety of waves including; turn waves, air sections, barrels, wedges, slabs, and much much more!