Where are you going to be located?

We are working on multiple locations country wide, but our first location will be 91 Precision Drive, Shirley, New York 11967.

When will you be opening?

We are currently putting the last pieces of the development puzzle together and will be releasing a timeline soon!

Will you be open year round? What happens when it's freezing cold in the winter?

We will be open year round! Our decision to utilize green energy has enabled us to heat the pool even in the depths of winter and maitain an average water temperature in the mid to high 50s!

How long are the sessions? How many waves will I catch?

Sessions will last approximately 1 hour and will be booked individually on a first come first serve basis. Wave count will vary depending upon wave size and number of surfers but we can promise you that you'll catch more waves in an hour than you would in 3 hours in the ocean.

What type, size, and direction waves will you have?

Our waves will range from knee high to well over head. Waves will be available in virtually any shape and direction. There'll be something for everyone regardless of skill level.

Do you have to be a member?

No! It's encouraged that you apply for a membership in order to enjoy all the perks of the park but we will have plenty of other non member options.

I've never surfed before will you offer lessons and coaching?

Of course! We want everyone to experience Long Island Surf Park and in doing so we've brought pro surfer, Leif Engstrom, on board to oversee the surf school and surf coaching programs.

What about water clarity and quality? Is it chlorine or salt?

Our pool will be monitored 24/7 - 365 by a state of the art filtration and santification system to ensure we well surpass local water quality standards. You can expect crystal clear, warm water every day!. The pool will be chlorine but with the proper monitoring system all of the negative notions around chlorine will be no more. As for bouyancy, the difference between saltwater and freshwater is almost nonexistant and will not effect which boards will work in the pool. Whatever you surf in the ocean will be perfect for the pool.


91 Precision  Dr. Shirley, NY 11967

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